Automotive Component Manufacturing

CBS suite on SAP Business one enables you to manage the entire manufacturing, supply chain efficiently for domestic and global original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and after-markets. Solution offering is optimal choice for complex automotive manufacturing needs,whether you are a manufacturer of engine parts, drive transmission and steering parts, body and chassis, suspension and brake parts, electrical parts, equipments or other auto components, you can accelerate the time-to-market by perfectly aligning your research and development, design and manufacturing to global supplier collaboration to real-time order management.

CBS suite for SAP Business One Automotive solutions are designed to work the way you work. Our solution incorporates wisdom gained from years of experience working with your industry counterparts.

Reduce Inventory Cost

  • Get insights on criticality, consumption pattern and inventory of finished products, raw materials and work-in-progress (WIP) items.

  • Gain greater inventory turnover visibility.

  • Track inventory to balance cost of inventory with benefits.

  • Track quantities on hand versus book stocks.

  • Control variances and ensure inventory integrity.

  • Benefit from insights on past price patterns and seasonal price drops.

  • Purchase items when prices are attractive.

  • Analyse items based on consumption frequency (FSN – Fast Slow and Non Moving), consumption value (ABC), and criticality (VED – Vital, Essential and Desirable).

  • Track and convert obsolete material and free up cash.

Reduce Inventory Cost
Stay In Step With Your OEM Customer

Stay In Step With Your OEM Customer

  • An advanced suite of integrated business solutions designed and built for automotive experts.
  • Flexible and able to scale and grow to meet your complex business needs across geographies.
  • Shorten product development cycle time with robust engineering change management.
  • Reduce lead times, deliver on time, and improve your supplier ratings.
  • Collaborate with your customers and grow with them, as a preferred supplier.

Stay Ahead Of Competitors

  • Manage complex pricing across geographies.

  • Track your Order-to-Cash processes.

  • Fix credit limits.

  • Increase your cash flow.

Stay Ahead Of Competitors
Just In Time (JIT) Deliveries

Just In Time (JIT) Deliveries

  • Use a comprehensive planning for best procurement, manufacturing and shipment plans.
  • Shop floor systems to ensure real-time data flow for faster decision-making.
  • Empower suppliers with real-time information through the supplier portal.

Cut Operating Costs

  • Optimise inventories.

  • Exercise rigorous stage-wise quality control.

  • Lower rejection rates eliminate rework.

  • Empower managers performance by key performance indicators (KPIs).

Cut Operating Costs
Meet Rigorous Shipment Commitments

Meet Rigorous Shipment Commitments

  • Plan multi-mode shipments with ease.
  • Pick, pack and deliver with greater visibility and speed.
  • Deploy a complete range of packaging options for customers.

Manage Production Effectively

  • Innovate and transform manufacturing value chain. Experience real efficiency.

  • Gain from robust product data management capabilities and leverage our production reporting features.

  • Choose from Make-to-Stock/ Make-to-Order/ Configure-to-Order/ Engineer-to-Order manufacturing and adopt lean manufacturing practices.

  • Track enhance productivity.

  • Derive dynamic changes to production priorities.

Manage Production Effectively

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