Implementing an ERP is like a rebirth of an organization expecting faster processes, reduced lead times and ultimately cost savings. But every organization has its unique set of processes and functions depending upon the industry, geography, and size of the organization. Hence, when organizations decide to implement ERP, they fiercely comb the market to find the right ERP software which tightly aligns with their needs and processes. On the other hand, ERP software solution providers try their best to stuff all the functionalities in a standard ERP software which can cater to a variety of industries.

But no matter how much ERP providers try, it’s nearly impossible to build a standard solution which can cater to an array of industries. This is where industry-specific plugins or ‘add-ons’ come into the picture which plugs the gaps between a standard ERP software solution and industry-specific and organization-specific needs of the customer. It all boils down to the merit of the implementation partner as to how well they complement the standard solution with their own or third-party add-on solutions which complete the requirement checklist of the customer.

Gold partner Cogniscient Business Solutions(CBS) has seasoned Software Development Kit(SDK) resource of SAP which allows them to create add-on solutions at their end which can bridge the gap between the desired and the standard solution.

So, it’s important for an organization to not only select the right ERP but also the right implementation partner. Working over the years with different industries, Gold partners like CBS have developed a pool of industry-specific and function-specific add-on solutions which can be readily plugged into SAP Business One. This makes the installation process highly efficient and hassle-free resulting in a high success rate of implementations. Some of the add-on solutions provided by CBS are as follows:

    • Production add-on – A code module which enables the user to create a single production order for multi-stage process and process-wise reporting.
    • QC add-on– The purpose of this add-on is to enable user to record the quality management details. Quality checking of incoming material, finished goods, sales return, goods receipt, and pre-dispatch transaction will be managed in the add-on.
    • HR-Eye – A scalable, web-based HR and Payroll processing portal which can be accessed by the employees and HR dept anytime anywhere
    • BOQ (erection and commissioning in project management)
    • Scheme and discount management and backward price calculation based on MRP and margin/mark-up
    • Job work add-on
    • Gate entry
    • Centralized master creation and consolidation (in multiple databases) RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization): refund, replacement, or repair during the product’s warranty period
    • Warehouse management (batch/serial management through barcode)
    • Salesforce management
    • Access right control for UDF
    • Customer and vendor portal integrated with SAP B1

The list of these add-on solutions continues to grow as CBS helps clients from diversified industry portfolios across geographies map their processes with SAP B1 complemented by their add-on suites.