SAP Business One ERP Solution for EV manufacturers can be highly productive to unify the range of business processes. This powerful solution can integrate purchase, sales, material requirement planning, finance and production into one dashboard to give businesses the efficacy to make informed decisions.

EV, being a new concept in India, can be challenging for the manufacturers during their initial days. Sourcing raw materials and components to the manufacturing process can become hectic to manage. However to fit in this growing market, an intelligent SAP Business One solution offers better mileage to your business.

The SAP Business One
ERP Solution gears constant
innovation by meeting
the core business

Transaction Speed

SAP uses HANA as a database, this actually improves transaction processing speed and offers better room to analyze the huge data in just a few seconds. The software has a cockpit, dashboard, and KPI reporting system to ease the reporting. EV manufacturers can be largely benefitted from these features of SAP Business One.

Ease of data analysis

In a manufacturing unit, a large volume of data is produced on a daily basis. With this ERP model, you can ease the analysis and make sure that you acquire every data from one point. This can also help manufacturers to make informed decisions, which can lead to expansion.

Keeps a track:

The biggest perk of SAP ERP Solution is that it can efficiently address the issues. Keeping track of the high-priced components, you can get access to the Last Prices Report. This again will keep track of the last 100 transactions of the same components with single or different vendors. Getting all of these precise data can be beneficial for EV manufacturing units to process and function systematically.

Easy to make changes

EV manufacturing units have to meet market expectations. This means contact innovations. Since new designs need to be made that can lead to a new BoM, this solution can be bliss. It offers the ease of duplicating the existing BoM and doing the changes. It also provides the freedom to attach the drawing and other documents that can become helpful for the future.

User friendly

This is flexible software that can be customized as per your needs. With this intelligent ERP solution, you can expand your business. This model can become the spine of your business, and it bridges the communication gap. Every user can effectively use the features and enjoy the multiple set of benefits.

We Integrate Intelligent SAP ERP Solution can
Ease Business Processes to Give Room for Expansion

An All-rounder Solution

SAP ERP Solution for EV manufacturers
can be a reliable choice as it has integrated tools
that offer critical information about businesses.

Scalable Infrastructure

Being one of the most intelligent solutions
the infrastructure enables businesses to reap the fruit from it. Integrating it in the EV manufacturing unit can help enterprises to as per the market evolution.

Fast Integration

This revolutionary model can unify the different processes in your EV unit. However, it does not take much time for integration. Once it is implemented, you can start getting process details at one point.


This ERP solution leaves no stones unturned to help manufacturers. Since it is upgraded, one can simply enter the license keys and upgrade them to get exposure to new and improved features.

Integrate SAP Business One Solution
In Your Manufacturing Model

Holding wealth of experience and being a gold partner,
we at CBS, make sure to integrate this intelligent solution on your business process to amplify your business decisions.

SAP Business One ERP Solution has several other
exceptional and unique features.

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