CBS suite on SAP Business One for Sports goods manufacturing and distribution to develop seasonal forecasts used for the management of importing, assembly, and manufacturing operations to fulfill all aspects of production, inventory control, and financial management.

Attributed Inventory

  • Attributes may be a shoe’s color and width or an entry door’s wood species and component dimensions. Attributes can be used throughout for sales order entry, pricing definition, requisition and work order generation, shipping, and invoicing.

Lot Traceability

  • Lot traceability from ingredients through manufacturing processes to finished goods, which are ultimately shipped to customers

  • Backward lot traceability from finished goods back into manufacturing processes to ingredient and component receipts from suppliers

  • Complete QC processes of inbound receipts and manufactured products

  • Complete visibility to which vendor supplied a specific lot and which customers received a specific finished good lot

  • Complete visibility to recorded lot properties for ingredients, components, and finished goods

Serial Number and Warranty Tracking

  • Inventory management functionality provides complete serial number and warranty tracking.

  • Tracks serial numbers and warranty periods for components, distributed items, and manufactured goods.

  • The system also supports the consumption of serialized components in serialized finished goods.

  • Solution automatically tracks whether items being serviced or returned are covered under warranty.

Serial Number and Warranty Tracking Highlights

  • Supports assignment of serial numbers at time of receipt, production, or upon shipment

  • Tracks serial numbers of components used in production

  • Tracks serial numbers shipped to customers and those remaining in stock

  • Tracks warranty information by serial number

  • Tracks vendor warranty by date of receipt or date of shipment to customer

  • Tracks warranty for manufactured products

  • Automatically tracks whether items being serviced or returned are covered under warranty

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