SAP Business One ERP for the Interior Decor
Furniture Manufacturing Industry

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Tackle growing customer demands of the Interior Decor and Furniture industries with the digital drive of Cogniscient Business Solutions (CBS) suite, powered by SAP Business One.

The global Interior Decor and Furniture industries are increasingly pressured by price sensitivity, volatile raw material costs, labor demands, and customer requirements. To meet these challenges, all you need is the CBS suite, supported by SAP Business One and SAP Business ByDesign — the world’s #1 ERP system that bridges the gaps in your industry.

The CBS suite helps you drive innovation to grow sales, streamline your supply chain, and get your furniture and related hardware to distributors and consumers faster than ever. Backed by the power of SAP Business One, you can now effectively manage areas such as quality control, purchase, inventory management, sales, finances, and more.

Benefits of the Interior Decor and Furniture Industry Solution

With the robust features of the CBS suite, powered by SAP Business One, you can now:


➔ MRP processes
➔ Purchasing workflow
➔ Production to speed delivery, and cash flow across languages and currencies

Provide employees with mobile access to information anytime, anywhere

Generate accurate specs quickly for highly customizable products with a rules-based product configurator

Gain real-time insights and visibility into work-in-progress, and buying and supplier trends

Reduce paperwork with Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) to automate order processing

Control the return or exchange of items with full visibility and tracking until the transaction is concluded

Purchase more strategically with data-driven forecasts based on history, seasonality, and supplier lead times

Leverage advanced forecasting and planning to match supply to demand more effectively


➔ Demand, returns, and exchanges of supplies and materials
➔ Design changes and related costs with engineering change control
➔ Complex pricing such as contract pricing, volume discounts, promotions, and rebates

Minimize bottlenecks, and keep up with seasonal demand, with advanced planning and scheduling software

Features of the Furniture Industry Solution

Here’s what you can expect with the CBS suite, powered by SAP Business One:

Leverage a multistage variant configuration system that can be customized to the individual processes within any wood and furniture industry business.

Optimize a precise production planning schedule, especially if a product is made-to-order. In the SAP Business One’s Planning Cockpit, you can view and access all relevant information in one place.

Bring all your financial processes together with automated, real-time analytics, and turn them into valuable insights to make your business a future-forward one.

Pick and manage even the smallest part of your production process, such as screws and handles, by enabling auto-access to the component’s master data structure.

Track and trace your product inventory, quantity at each warehouse, movement history, and stock status from your desktop or mobile device.

Features of the Interior Decor Industry Solution

Here’s what you can do with the CBS suite, powered by SAP Business One:

  • Simplify the mixing of decor colors with an internal color mixing processor
  • Determine and save on plant tintings permanently
  • Access a color batch for floor and wall coverings
  • Enhance processes such as cutting and seaming of floor coverings
  • Create catalogs, right from data transfer of external catalogs, to shadow databases with ease
  • Leverage structural mapping of your service specifications
  • Optimize and simplify cost quotations of wholesale interior decor
  • Upgrade to the administration of rental equipment based on serial numbers
  • Monitor profit margin on a system or mobile device
SAP for Furniture Industry

The Cogniscient Edge

We at Cogniscient have helped modernize numerous Interior Decor and Furniture manufacturing businesses with our CBS suite of SAP Business One solutions.

Our business automation tools help our customers automate routine tasks, strengthen customer connect, and drive profitability. At CBS, we borrow best practices from our established clients and apply our learnings to your business — so we can scale greater heights together!

Case Study

Geeken Seating Collection Pvt. Ltd.

Furnishing innovative solutions at Geeken Seating Collection with SAP Business One®




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We have been an SAP Business partner for over 14 years. So, if you are looking for a way to upgrade your business with the CBS suite powered by SAP Business One — you are at the right place.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can ERP help with design and customization in the interior decor and furniture industry?

ERP systems can support design and customization by storing design templates, specifications, and customer preferences. They enable efficient collaboration between designers and production teams, ensuring accurate execution of custom orders and reducing errors.

Is ERP software scalable for small to large interior decor and furniture manufacturing businesses?

Yes, ERP software is scalable and can be customized to suit the needs of both small and large businesses in the interior decor and furniture manufacturing industry. Smaller businesses can start with basic ERP modules and expand as they grow

Can ERP software help with compliance and quality control in furniture manufacturing?

Yes, ERP systems can assist in compliance by ensuring that products meet regulatory standards. They can also help implement quality control processes to maintain consistent product quality.