Our application delivery model is enhanced by open standards architecture and delivers enterprise-class HR functionality at affordable prices. This highly innovative approach offers business-critical advantages over traditional HR platforms.

HR-EYE-Cogniscient Business Solutions

Our highly configurable open standards architecture scales as your company grows, and adapts without expensive, time-consuming customization to your changing needs.

Your HR administrators and your employees have online access to all the information you want, whenever you want it, wherever you want it, and using the computer, operating system and browser of your choice.

HR-EYE-Cogniscient Business Solutions
HR-EYE-Cogniscient Business Solutions

No hardware, software or middleware for your IT organization to purchase, install, maintain or upgrade. With subscription-based “pay as you go” pricing, you never pay for functionality you don’t want or need.

Multitenant architecture makes it possible for us to increase capacity when our customers need it, optimize performance across our entire, fast-growing customer base, deliver service and support more efficiently.

HR-EYE-Cogniscient Business Solutions
HR-EYE-Cogniscient Business Solutions

We typically have your complete, fully integrated solution up and running, serving you and your employees, in 1-4 weeks, dramatically faster than the competition.

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