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Make a mark in the global Food and Beverage (F&B) industry by upgrading your business with the all-inclusive Cogniscient Business Solutions (CBS) suite, backed by SAP Business One.

The SAP Business One for Food and Beverages Industry demands variety, innovation, low margins, product trace ability, and quality that aligns with governmental regulations. Our CBS suite helps you meet all these needs with solutions that suit your business-specific function. Furthermore, This suite also makes each aspect of your company, from recipes to documentation, simpler and smarter.

Business Functions of the Food and Beverage Industry Solution

Here are some business functions that are handled by the CBS suite to offer
visibility across your assembly, production, supply, and sales chains:

Recipe Management
KOT Management
Quality Control
Pilferage or Waste Management
Online Order Scheduling
Complaints and Service Management

Features of the SAP Business One for Food and Beverages Industry Solution

Here’s what you can expect with the CBS suite,
powered by SAP Business One:

Similarly, Optimize your yield and increase the efficiency of your production with process planning schedules. Meet the ever-changing demands of customers by switching to efficient package planning based on sales orders, forecasting, and machinery.

Ensure complete traceability by monitoring the audit trail at the item, batch, or serial number levels. Certainly, The suite also allows your batch to comply with industry-specific standards and government regulations.

Likewise, Build customer loyalty by leveraging up-to-date sales and marketing data, purchase forecasts, and order tracking features.

Hence, Control your entire business operations with a streamlined view to drive profitability, monitor sales, and simplify marketing.

For instance, Keep your profit margins on track with a complete view of supplier information, including purchasing and stock management. On the sales front, you can clearly define your targets as per the item, item groups, sales employees, region, state, and also targets for vendors.

Most noteworthy, Enable telesales operators to maintain a customer list to keep tabs on the calls made and also integrate product orders directly into the system.

In addition, Limit product or material wastage with smart distribution planning solutions. You can manage the shelf-life of a product or a crate and also monitor order information such as inventory, sales, orders, and pricing. SAP Business One Starter Package also allows you to manage products in your distribution, dispatch and returns pipeline.

Above all, Streamline your supply chain processes, build and manage your supplier network with the right planning solutions. You can also minimize additional stock and efficiently dispatch finished goods to distributors and end-customers.

The Cogniscient Edge

We at Cogniscient have helped modernize numerous Food and Beverage businesses with our CBS suite of SAP Business One solutions.

Our business automation tools help our customers automate routine tasks, strengthen customer connect, and drive profitability. At CBS, we borrow best practices from our established clients and apply our learning to your business — so we can scale greater heights together!


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