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Make your move to SAP Business ByDesign — an intelligent Cloud ERP suite that is designed to integrate all your business processes.

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SAP Business ByDesign is a single Cloud ERP solution that helps SMEs grow exponentially by minimizing IT complexities and additional costs to fix them. With this powerful solution, you can connect your entire business on a Cloud platform and get a unified view of all your operations.

SAP Bydesign has all the features your business needs to drive profitability. This end-to-end solution is backed by proven SAP business expertise and promises a super-fast implementation time of 8-12 weeks. You can also configure it to suit your needs and budget and expand it as your business grows.

Achieve super-efficiency in all your operations with SAP Business ByDesign

Key Benefits


A complete Cloud solution built to suit all your business needs

SAP Business ByDesign equips you with pre-built processes so you can streamline and monitor everything, from finance and sales to product management and purchase, on a single platform. This Cloud-based solution offers a simplified user-interface which makes it not just easier to work with, but also quick and interactive.In Addition, With the power of this advanced solution, you can effortlessly manage your day-to-day tasks like time and expense reporting, project management, and analytics.


A dynamic, configurable solution that drives your business to growth

SAP Business ByDesign gives you the flexibility you need to adapt to tax requirements, languages, and currencies for quick entries into new markets. After that, Its easy reconfiguration processes allow you to accommodate more manpower and additional capabilities as your business evolves.

Unique and Critical Insights

Fully transparent analytics to make informed decisions

SAP Business ByDesign’s in-built analytical functions help you view and share data across teams and departments. It equips you and your team with accurate, real-time insights so you can make quick and informed decisions. Similarly, The solution comes with an intelligent dashboard helps you resolve issues with clear and complete views of metrics and bottlenecks.

Continuous Innovation

A smart solution and a smart choice for a secure future

Howeve, SAP Byd is a smart solution that is backed by more than a decade of SAP expertise in running ERP on Cloud. Its smart updates and new features publish a development roadmap for you so you are aware of all upcoming updates. In conclusion, SAP Business ByDesign’s range of configurations, extensions, and integrations allow you to adapt to newer challenges.

An ERP Solution that drives profits and performance

Here’s what you can expect with SAP Business ByDesign:


Real-time view of your finances to better handle cash and liquidity


Complete sales-force automation to handle marketing, sales, and service processes


Streamline HR processes to simplify workforce management and employee onboarding


Effective project collaboration and monitoring to enable your teams to deliver projects more effectively


Self-service procurement features to cut back on cost and time and negotiate better deals


Unified view of your supply chain to better manage the customer-supplier relations

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is SAP Business ByDesign?

SAP Business ByDesign is a cloud-based ERP solution that offers you the ability to combine the core business functionalities. This has been trusted by several businesses throughout the world as it has been witnessed to improve the growth and profit percentage of businesses. It ensures operating with ease.

What is the basic difference between SAP Business ByDesign and SAP Business One?

SAP Business ByDesign is an ERP Solution that is cloud-based. This can be a great choice for large and mid-sized companies. Here businesses can benefit in a way that they can compete and scale without facing the cost increase and complexity. If you have a large enterprise and are looking for an efficient SaaS solution, this can be valuable for you.

SAP Business One, on the other hand, is an affordable solution. This has been designed to fit small business budgets. Since it is available for both on-cloud and on-premise, it can offer a competitive edge to make business simpler.

Which are the companies that make use of SAP Business ByDesign?

As we know by now, large and medium-sized enterprises that wish to expand their business require a proper ERP solution to unify the processes. This can help to make better decisions and improve the use of funds. For enterprises looking for inbuilt localization solutions, SAP BYD can be a good choice.