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In the age of Big Data, big storage, and big ERPs, steer clear of data-storage-related bottlenecks with SAP HANA.

SAP Business One HANA, equips you with all the right tools to manage large data volumes, uncover new insights, and access real-time analytics. This robust solution uses an in-memory platform to untangle IT complexities and extract current and complete business information.

With more businesses now relying on real-time intelligence enterprise strategies, SAP HANA provides faster and more efficient performance. Its integrated tools and next-generation technology generate reports and responses in just a few seconds.

Here’s what you can expect with SAP Business One HANA:


Advanced in-memory processing to eliminate latency


Real-time insights to make informed decisions


Integrated data-storage to increase scalability and lower complexity


Enhanced efficiency with lightning-fast and interactive analytical tools


Improved responsiveness in planning, sales production, and supply-chain operations


Simplified IT landscape for transactions and analytics

Reimagine your database management with SAP Business One HANA

Key Benefits

Access all your business-related information in real time with SAP HANA’s database services. These help you manage large database volumes, avoid latencies during data transfers, and keep your data secure at all times. The SAP HANA software also allows you to store all your transactional and analytical data in a single place, minimizing additional storage costs.

Get a streamlined view of valuable insights with SAP HANA’s advanced analytics processes. These empower you with live spatial intelligence and enable you to forecast trends in data. By harnessing the power of in-memory data processing, you can make smarter and faster decisions, save time and money, and increase revenue.

Assemble your supply-related data with SAP HANA’s ATP feature to simplify order fulfillment and improve customer satisfaction. This advanced configuration helps you reserve current stock for future delivery dates and meet delivery commitments. It helps you gain full visibility, maximize profitability, and maintain efficiency throughout the supply chain.

View and access detailed information on your company’s incoming and outgoing cash flows. With SAP HANA’s cash flow forecasting feature, you can drastically improve your financial visibility by tracking your revenue, sales orders, purchase orders, down payments, and other monetary transactions.

This latest search technology from SAP Hana helps you track down any data you need with just a few clicks. No matter how vast your data-storage is, the Enterprise Search feature has the capability to help you find information stored in the HANA database server. This feature offers a full 32-key text search so you can track your:

  • Master data
  • Analytical content
  • A/R and A/P transactions
  • Inventory, production, and banking data

SAP HANA’s advanced dashboard provides a 360° view of customers, product orders, KPIs, and customer data. You can link this as an action to your existing SAP Business Partner dashboard for easy and timely access.

SAP HANA offers varied deployment options for you to run your business smoothly and efficiently. You can choose a process that best suits your business needs, budget, and resources. SAP HANA can be deployed: 

  • On-premise for maximum control
  • In the Cloud for faster time to value
  • Through a hybrid model that supports on-premise and Cloud deployment

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Frequently asked questions

Is SAP Business One HANA User-Friendly?

Indeed, it is. SAP has put a strong focus on user experience. With an intuitive interface, even non-technical users can navigate the system with ease. Training requirements are minimal, saving you time and resources during implementation.

How Secure Is Data with SAP Business One HANA?

Security is paramount, and SAP takes it seriously. With robust encryption, user authentication, and access controls, your data is safe from prying eyes. Regular updates and patches ensure that your system is fortified against emerging threats.

What Support and Resources are Available for SAP Business One HANA Users?

SAP provides comprehensive support and a wealth of resources for its users. From documentation and online forums to expert support teams, you’ll never feel alone on your SAP Business One HANA journey. Help is just a click or call away.