SAP Business One ERP for Packaging Industry for Smoother Business

SAP Business One ERP for Packaging Industry

Effective packaging and minimum waste are the keys to efficiency and cost optimization for packaging businesses. With SAP Business One ERP for the packaging industry, you can enhance your business, improve productivity, reduce time to reach the market, and optimize your costs.

In this blog, we will explore a few areas of your packaging business that are dependent on the packaging process and how this software boosts its effectiveness for profitability.

Here are a few processes that are made better by this software for packaging businesses:

1. Production planning

One has to ensure that quality raw materials are in the right quantity during the production process. Using planning and scheduling for machines, labor, tools, etc. helps you to optimize the capacity on the floor and improve process productivity. With SAP Business One ERP for the packaging industry, you can also easily perform sampling activities, and calculate the batch costs and the profit.

2. Cost calculation

One of the most important areas for your packaging business is calculating the costs for any work order. There are a lot of fixed and variable costs that manipulate the net effect on profitability, but knowing cost by item, work orders, and batches can smoothen the work. With an automated system, you can generate BOMs, profit summaries, loss statements, and much more.

3. Workflow monitoring

No process is 100% failsafe and no person works with 100% focus. But being a business, you have to provide 100% customer satisfaction. And that takes making a split-second decision, keeping yourself in the loop of the process all the time, and having actionable & real-time data in your hands. All this is made possible in a single click with SAP B1.

4. Quality control

Advantage with CBS- The quality you provide to your clients is a resonance of your reliability, your brand’s identity, and the scope of future business opportunities. Hence, having a stringent quality control process is not necessary for getting your material accepted, but also for your business’ growth. With automated software, you reduce the risk associated with testing and quality. Based on the set parameters, the systems let you perform QC on the go without any hassle.

5. Reports

No matter how well your packaging business is running, generating reports is essential for timely audit and verification. Using SAP Business One in your packaging business, you can obtain all the reports with a single click. The systems record all the activities and give you the reports for all the parameters you set including consumption reports, batch costing, daily production reports, etc.

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