Enhance SAP Business One functionality with Different Industry Verticals Add-ons

SAP Business One is an ERP solution for small and medium-sized enterprises. The solution is scalable, i.e. it evolves as your business grows further without the need for changing the entire solution. But as it is said, no two businesses are the same, hence, no single solution can cater to the needs of all. This [...]

SAP Business One for Metal Fabrication Industry

The metal fabrication industry is an industry that demands fast-paced processes but with extreme efficiency and accuracy at the same time. Most of the metal fabricators are a small to a medium-sized industry which acts as an Original Equipment Manufacturer for the large industry like Automotive, Heavy Machinery, and Furniture etc. Metal fabricators and extruders [...]

Easily Integrate SAP Business One HANA with Other Systems

SAP Business One is a business management software built to establish synchronization between all your processes and simplify them. Integration is now an essential part of any business, not just in the process but in the overall organization. Employees have to be integrated into a team, corporations integrate themselves to objectives, business units integrate themselves [...]

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SAP Business One for Sports Manufacturing and Trading Companies

Sports industry is one of those industries which relies on heavy amount of data in their day to day operations. A sports manufacturer produces a wide array of sports gear for variety of sports. Hence, its always challenging task to keep have a synchronized procurement, production and supply chain that can beat tight deadlines of [...]

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SAP Business One ERP for Oil and Gas Industry

In India, The Oil and Gas Industry plays a major role in affecting decision making for all other different industries of the Indian economy. SAP Business One ERP for Oil and Gas industry provides all the functionalities like Capacity Based Planning, Procurement Management, and Adapts to Change, Equipment Maintenance, Removes Multiple Solutions, Saves Time and [...]

ERP for Manufacturing Industry | SAP Business One

SAP Business One ERP is an intellectual and investment for your business. It is your right to know more details about how you can leverage the power of available SAP B1 and take your business to the next level. Benefits of ERP for the Manufacturing Industry Stock Control Management: SAP Business One for wholesale distribution [...]

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SAP Business One for Wholesale and Distribution

Wholesale and distribution business is always looking for ways to improve services and customer experience. These improvements aim to improve the margins for retailers, reduce costs for the wholesalers, and amplify revenue streams. How software systems help stakeholders? Software systems like SAP Business One are ideal to manage mission-critical objectives. SAP’s Business One is a [...]

Managing Material Requirement Planning with SAP Business One

Material Requirement Planning (MRP) is an existential powerful process which allows a business to forecast actual customer demand by taking into account current inventory status and producing a suitable schedule for procurement of raw materials and subsequently, manufacturing finished products. Imagine the unstoppable momentum it can produce for your business if combined with an Enterprise [...]

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SAP Business One for Retail Industry

With a global business of more than 22 trillion $, Retail industry is one of the fastest growing industry in the world and the scenario is no different in Indian business landscape. With more and more businesses plunging into their own eCommerce (online retail), the offline retail market is facing tremendous pressure  with margins getting [...]

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Leverage Functionality of Project Management with SAP Business One 9.3

Project Management is one of the areas where service companies face acute mismanagement of resources like manpower, machines, and utilities, etc. and inefficient tracking of the progress of the project or multiple projects running at the same time. It’s very difficult to bring data and information spread across various systems across multiple platforms to get [...]

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