SAP Business One ERP Support Services

SAP Support Model

Today, we are living in a dynamic world of digital technology. In such a dynamic era, businesses are constantly in search of efficient and powerful solutions. SAP Business One ERP solution is known to be a comprehensive business management solution. It has become one of the most preferable choices for small and mid-sized businesses. However, for companies who have not yet implemented the SAP Business One support model, it is high time when they start thinking about it.

In this blog, we will delve into the SAP Business One support services to help businesses get a clear understanding while making a choice. The prime reason to craft the support models is to provide uninterrupted support after implementation.

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Model 1:

The SAP Business One support model 1 has been incorporated with the standard SAP Business One module. It also includes web-based solutions to provide the ultimate range of features to businesses. The range of support provided or included under this model is all-inclusive. It has been designed exclusively to cater to a huge spectrum of user requirements.

  • Unlimited Online Support: This is one of the first features included in the model of SAP Business One, which guarantees that businesses will have access to round-the-clock assistance. Therefore, whenever there is an issue with users or required maintenance with the existing SAP configurations, businesses can seamlessly get access to assistance. The unlimited support included in the support model highlights the commitment to customer service excellence and ensuring customer satisfaction.
  • High-priority resolution: The consistent shift in the business world is in need of swift resolution. Therefore, Businesses these days require fast resolution for all the issues. The high-priority resolution in model 1 mostly prioritizes resolving issues using different online platforms like email, telephone, Skype calls, remote access, and Webex. Hence, the multichannel approach offered in model 1 makes sure that businesses have access to help in the kind of need.
  • On-site visit: One of the most distinguished features included in SAP Business One support model 1 is the provision of 24 on-site visits within a year. Therefore, it comes down to 1 visit per month. The visits will be made not just to troubleshoot issues, but also it can be utilized to report new developments. Such proactive efforts made by the service providers can be beneficial to maintain the effectiveness and efficiency of the SAP Business One solution.
  • Added services: When it is about additional customization, any report, or altering the existing functionality, businesses will need to pay extra. This will help businesses to tailor solutions according to the specific requirements. Hence, it makes sure that SAP Business One becomes the perfect fit for its business operations.
  • Yearly AMC: The annual maintenance contract can be quarterly, payable in advance. The structured plan will be beneficial for businesses to manage their finances effectively.

Model 2:

Even when the SAP Business One Support Model 2 is quite similar to Model 1, the only distinguished feature is the higher level of support the professionals offer.

  • More on-site visits: When you implement the SAP Business One support system in your organization, there can be chances when you require frequent support. As the support providers acknowledge the need for frequent on-site support, model 2 offers 48 on-site visits every year. Hence, it comes down to 4 visits every month. Increasing the frequency of visits will make sure that businesses constantly receive support and minimize the chances of downtime.
  • Yearly AMC: When you take a look at the increased level of support offered by the professionals, the AMC model will usually be payable quarterly in advance.

Both SAP Business One Support Models 1 and 2 offer level 2 support. It includes offering all-rounder technical support for the implemented software. This generally includes troubleshooting, configuration issues, and software installations. It is crucial to pay attention that the travel-related expenses outside Delhi NCR, including lodging, boarding, and convenience, need to be borne by the client.

These SAP Business One support models provide a comprehensive support structure that ensures that businesses can take advantage of the full potential of this ERP solution. When businesses decide on the right model, they can remain assured of efficient problem resolution and seamless operation operations. However, the specification of the model might differ from one service provider to another.

At Cogniscient Business Solutions, we offer these two robust support models for SAP Business One to cater to diverse client requirements. Whether you are opting for the comprehensive support model 1 or you are looking for improved support of model 2, you can rest assured of getting continuous optimization, prompt issue resolution, and timely assistance from the SAP ecosystem. The support models have been developed to help businesses leverage the potential and drive efficiency in today’s digital age.