What is ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Software?

Enterprise Resource Planning

We live in a world that is continuously evolving and we see the changes around us too frequently. It is the same scenario with Technology which has evolved a lot, especially in the last 20 years. With the advent of new concepts like AI and Robotics, industries nowadays are dependent more on machines to perform most of their daily tasks.

Reasons behind this dependency could be getting the desired output in a more efficient way and mitigating human error.

ERP, or Enterprise Resource Planning, as the name suggest helps a company in managing their entire resources, man, material, machines, time, Etc. in a more planned manner to get the most out of them. This helps the management or the users to utilize their time appropriately and do not keep hunting for the minuscule data.

Technology and ERP work hand in hand and helps an enterprise in working efficiently to reach new heights. Robotics and machine learning automates the shop floor of any manufacturing set-up to help in increasing the capacity. The planning helps in completing the orders timely, ultimately adhering to the customer expectations.

The companies are now looking towards the new concept of Industry 4.0, which demands the manufacturing setups to get automated in a manner that every data or process remains at your fingertips and you get the best out of your people and machines. With every new concept, the ERP industry upgrades itself in such a manner that no process of a company is left out.

E-Commerce has made a very huge impact, people now a day’s look for every product on the web and they research the features to compare with all the available providers. This has made companies look for technologies that would always keep them ahead of their competition.

With built-in modules like Accounts and Finance, Inventory Management, Sales & Purchase, Production, Asset Management, Production Planning, and Project management, the Enterprise Resource Planning enables any type of industry vertical to look for end-to-end management of the entire operations. This integrated model helps management in getting the expected reporting in real-time.

There have been various players in the market providing ERP Software to the customers among whom SAP is the prominent service provider whose name is synonyms the ERP in itself. With the different products like SAP Business One, SAP Business ByDesign, SAP S4 HANA, for various industry segments, SAP looks to reach out to all segments of industries, SMEs, and Large Enterprises.

The Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) can be integrated with any machine, portal, or data source from where the data can be fetched for further workings. The APIs available with the machines and other software have enabled the companies to extend their reach to get the best out of the technology, in return getting complete automation of their processes.

The upcoming innovations in automation and technology have raised the expectations of people and companies to keep looking for something better than what they already have in their hands.

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